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Mike MattheewsWesterly Falcon - New Zealand
"The yacht had been in the water for two years and showing badly fouled. After I fitted the Sonihull system and when it was lifted out last weekend with very little foulding except for the propeller and drive shaft. Quite impressive."
DaveVolpower - Australia
"Volpower has been in the water for 11 months in up North in Opua. The owner of this boat said "Don't bother washing it."
Ian PawsonPrincess43 - England
"We took the boat out today for a scrub after 15 months in the water. The results were remarkable. I have a few photos I would like to share with you, both before and after a quick jet wash just a thin layer of slime on the hull, nothing more."
Ali KarsazSAR Vessel- Gulf Arabian
"Finally, I am proud to inform you that the first Sonihull Anti-fouling system has been installed on one of the SAR vessel without any problem. We have installed two transducers on the intake of the Waterjests, one between Engine & generator and another one in accommodation. After finding this project successful, many other vessels will be in the row."
Dean ThomasVigilant Patrol Boat - Kuwait
"Vigilant coming out to dry dock in Kuwait, she has been in the water for almost a year (february 2015) and is in a pretty impressive condition. There are no fouling at all."
Peter bellSoutherly Yachts - UK
"I have now used Sonihull on two Southerly yachts I have owned and I have to admit I am delighted."
Capt. RolandoBeneteau 37 - UK
"Just a quick note to let you know how well your Sonihull system has worked on my 37 ft. Beneteau. The only growth is on the underwater lights with the flexible sealant siloflex which has obviously isolated the ultrasonic from getting through! Impressive!"
Capt. RichardNautors Swan - Palma De Mallorca
"Before Sonihull was installed the bottom would have to be physically cleaned by divers twice in a season and the yachts performance is noticeably and consistently improved due to having a clean hull."
Steve WhitesideM/Y Sibelle 44 - UK
"During the last 8 months, Sonihull system has outperformed my best expectations, on weekly inspections we have seen no sign of growth nor have we had to clean the strainers only for light debris. We have inspected the manifold and coolers with an endoscope and again no sign of growth which in turn has benefited all auxiliary sea water systems thereafter."
Wendy GoddardHardy 36 Sedan - Guernsey
"We are very impressed with Sonihull and glad we had it fitted to Prospero our Hardy 36 Sedan. prospero only required a low power wash and no scrubbing!!"
Steve WorralE-tech Director - UAE
"I'm pleased with the results of the Sonihull system as they had managed to achieve excellent results with power boats keeping the stern drives clean."
CaptainS/Y Bright Wing - Thailand
"The Bright Wing Sailing Yacht would not be used for long period of time, so fitting the Sonihull became "a no brainer" to the owner who wanted to enjoy using his pride and joy from the moment he arrives rather than spending his time diving to clean the hull."
Captain Geoff ClarkTrinity 51m - UAE
"It is fantastic to find an innovative marine product on the market that does the job that it's designed to do, and as in our case, could be adapted to deal with other problems that arise from unwanted growth. I think NRG Marine experience within the marine industry have a big future together."
Chief Engineer Blake HollowaTrinity 51m - UAE
"I am delighted to see how effective NRG Marine's "Sonihull" product has performed during our trials. Previously when we removed the Strainers before having Sonihull I found up to 40 mm of growth per week. Now we find that we have very little around 5mm, and is mainly sand and silt. The sea strainers are cleaned on a fortnightly basis now and the system has had a great impact on the growth and minimised the time taken to clean."
OwnerSunseeker Manhattan 60 - UAE
"I am keen to point out, that although the savings in fuel cost was nice, he was more impressed by the potential savings on wear and tear of his engines not having to work so hard."
DomSamahani Beneteau Oceanis 37 - UAE
"The system has been installed for well over 2 years now with excellent results. So much so that the speed log paddle wheel has not needed cleaning since the Sonihull system was installed!"
Owners CaptainSamahani Aicon 62 - UAE
"The Owners Captain stated, every this need to be imported, so the cost of fuel and antifouling a boat is so expensive that he was very keen to experiment with the Sonihull system. The results have been fantastic and now plans to add an additional mono to protect the bow thruster and bow area of the boat that are not covered too well by the transducers mounted at the rear of the 62 footer."
Capt. Richard FosterS/Y Anemos 34 - Palma De Mallorca
"Before Sonihull was installed the bottom would have to be physically cleaned by divers twice in a season. And the yacht's performance is noticeably and consistently improved due to having a clean hull."
RolandoBeneteau 37 - UK
"Just a quick note to let you know how well your sonihull system has worked on my 37 ft Beneteau. Attached is a picture of a recent lift out that shows the hull is a clean, even on the bear gel coat. The only growth is on the underwater lights that I attached with the flexible sealant Siloflex which has obviously isolated the ultrasonics from getting through!"
Kvichak Marine45' RBM - Arabian Gulf
"The extreme warm waters in this region normally create a very high rate of sea growth on the hull. Upon return to duty the boat was hauled & found to be in great condition with no adverse growth whatsoever on the hull. We found no need for pressure washing or cleaning thereby eliminating any by-product or toxins going back into the local waters making this an environment friendly product that really works. We were very pleased with the results from our Sonihull Duo."
CaptainS/Y Vitters 43 - Holland
"After a year in service the luxury yacht Mystere´s captain reported: "None of these substances were present at all, and the installation has been a 'plug and play' success, which just worked away quietly, and without any onboard attention required." He is now planning to have Sonihull fitted in some underwater duct areas around the Mystere yacht's lifting keel."
MTR16 patrol boatCoastguard - UAE
"after the first week a noticeable difference could be seen, by the end of the 4th week, the results were conclusive. The Vessel 􀃽tted with Sonihull had little or no growth over the entire hull, while the other vessel was found to have so much growth the vessel struggled get on the plane. As a result of this test Sonihull will be included in all future standard project speci􀃽cations."
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